Mystearica Fon Fabre

Star Elf 4th lvl Sorceress

S 13
D 16
C 11
I 20
W 15
Ch 19
Move 30
HP 34
#AT 1

Bow and Arrows


Mystearica also known as ‘Tear’ by her friends and loved one. Born to the Noble Fon Fabre House, Mystearica was always privileged to the access to the fine things that life had to offer. Beautiful white marble manors, luxury pools, plush dresses, upmarket makeup anything her small elven heart desired. The Fon Fabre were all known in the regime of Yuireshanyarr for their expertise of wine making. Their soaring business created a hefty amount of gold to the Fon Fabre fortune. Their best wine named Light-Touched even left a very favorable impression on both the High King and High Queen.

Growing up Tear was gifted in the arts of The Arcana. Both her father, Golwen and her mother, Merileth enrolled her to a private tutor to teach her the art and further her abilities. With a natural incline to light based magic, Tear proved great promise. She preferred her studies with The Arcana rather than her history lessons of the old regime her people once inhabited. After why would she need to know about the past if the future is so bright here at Yuireshanyarr?

Tear enjoyed playing with her childhood friends. Her best friend and beloved Thalion Von Victorius, a fighter of his own right was the only person to sway her away from her studies. Enough so to get the maid to agree to marry him. However, plans for the event was put to a sudden vanishes of estates and missing people. Fearing the worse, The High Queen of the regime entrusted Tear to find a new regime for their people. Now returning to the original land for her people. Perhaps Tear should have been paying attention in history a tad bit.

Mystearica Fon Fabre

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