Prize Winning Bacon
Let's get Glit!

Dragon-Blood Tobias, was roaming the land last at night.  A land in constant war raging between the Elven and the Goblins.  While making his rounds, Tobias saw a mysterious light appear.  From this blind light an ethereal-looking elf stepped out of it.  The two got off to a poor start due to the the elf's arrogant comments towards the Dragon-Blood.  Realizing her mistake, the Star Elf, Mystearica offered her family's finest wine (Light-Touched) to Tobias.

Meanwhile, an Aasimar Princess named Gazelle, made the decision to leave her castle to explore the world.  Telling her family she'll return in (x) years.  Taking her favorite horse, Gazelle rode into the night to find a fire lit in the wood.  Around the fire was a giggling Star Elf and a drunken Dragon-Blood, being she had never seen before.  Tobias taken instant interest in Gazelle  and tried to impress the Aasimar by transforming in and out of his dragon and human forms.  Slightly taken aback, Gazelle realizing that there is strengths in numbers decided to join the duet.

In the morning, as the party was walking they noticed a dire-sized pig wondering alone.  Tobias decided to attack the pig.  Although the party had enough food for a few days…After slaughtering the pig, there was a soft clap heard at the direction of a tower.  It seems the trio killed the prized-pig of the retired Wizard, Piran.  Expecting a battle with the Wizard.  The party was instead invited into the Tower.  Still a bit unsure how to view the Wizard the party scouted the tower trying to figure out Piran's true motives.  Piran both tired and amazed by the party explained that he has taken a liking to them.  The Wizard promised the trio well-fitted armor and access to his library.  The only drawback?  It would take a month for their custom armor  to be completed.

How grateful these young adventurers are to be mentor by such a powerful Wizard?!


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